Excursion-Looking for dolphins in Rovinj waters – Sunset 18:00 – 19:30

-evening excursion – panorama of Rovinj with the sunset, visit the coast of the islands and come back and see “Rovinj by night” – view of Rovinj that will surely stay in pleasant memory

A good choice to start the summer evening!



are frequent visitors of the Rovinj archipelago but they can not be seen every day. In most cases they come in the afternoon when is smaller maritime traffic. Most often they can be seen around the lighthouse, where fishermen go down the driftnet and in the entrance to the Lim channel, which is rich of fish around in fish farms.

We take you with our boat, “Delfin”, which has radar and it can identify and track large groups of fish. Starts at 18:00 h to 19:30 h, start from the port of Valdibora or campsites Villas Rubin, depending on the agreement.